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Inflatable Slip n' Slides

Rainforest Adventure
35ft Double Lane Slip n' Slide w/ Pool
Grab a friend and dash your way through the two lanes of trees and continuous tropical rainfall... Take a journey beyond the warm and wet climate of this inflatable rainforest, but be sure to avoid the indigenous animals, or party-goers, along the way!

Surf the Wave
35ft Double Lane Slip n' Slide w/ curved wall
Sup Dudes!?... This gnarly inflatable has a totally-awesome built-in slope from the front of the unit to the back! Mondo water sprays from the entrance-arch streaming forward down the killer slant. Tubular wipe-out?? Of Course!... Surf the Wave!


57ft River Rapids Waterslide
57ft long - 18ft High Waterslide
 The expedition down this river will be unlike any other! Ascend 18ft to the top of the cascading waterfall before plummeting down 57ft through a dense tropical jungle! Careening down the rapids and over the whitewater, travelers will be absolutely soaked before they disembark the excursion at river’s end!

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40ft Volcano Waterslide
40ft long - 18ft High Waterslide
The good news of this Volcano is it isn’t spewing liquid hot magma or ash, it’s spraying crystal-clear refreshing hose water!! Erupt from this 18ft high Volcano and you’ll be sent down on a 40ft expedition that combines both the fun of a climb up water slide and extended Slip n’ Slide that features a built-in ramp to send travelers flying through the air!

Click on photo to see more details!

Volcano Waterslide w/ Splash Pool
18ft High Waterslide - 25ft long
Is the extended Slip n' Slide lane too much to handle or simply too long for your backyard?? Change the Volcano's design to a Mega-splash pool at the bottom instead! The pool holds one and a half feet of water and will be sure to soak all who decend! 

13ft Mini-Splash
13ft High Waterslide
The Mini-Splash Waterslide is engineered with an easier, more gradual, climbing angle up the stairs as well as easy-grab handles on both sides. Adults can not only easily see inside all aspects of the colorful unit, but they need not worry about their youngster going too fast or hitting too hard. The standing platform at the top is only 8ft tall ensuring the kids will not be too scared to climb up non-stop all day long! The decending angle makes for a very steady ride down into the inflated mini-pool at the bottom! 

Recommended Ages 2 - 10

Tropical Beach
18ft High Waterslide
Can't Make it to the Beach for your next party? Well... make the Beach come to you! With the tropical palm trees and bright sunny skies a top this waterslide, all you're missing is the sand! So grab a towel, some suncreen, and brighten your day because after all - Life's a Beach!

Pirate Ship
18ft High Waterslide
Ahoy matey! Gather your crew and set sail aboard the Adventure Galley! The finest of Pirate Ships this side of the sea, the Adventure Galley has a giant mast complete with two flags and a prow on the front deck! The massive pirate skull and crossbones will let all the neighbors know who’s conquered these high seas! So band together with all your shipmates and climb on board for a high-seas high-fun voyage with this Pirate Ship Waterslide!

Tidal Wave
15ft High Waterslide
Can’t make it to Laguna Beach or the Jersey Shore this summer? No problem! Bring a 15ft Tidal Wave into your backyard for the next summer bash! Perfect for kids of all ages, the Tidal Wave slide features a refreshing splash pool at the bottom for a safe soaking plunge!  

Recommended Ages 3 - 16

Magma Eruption
15ft High Waterslide
Is the Kyle’s Bounce Rental’s Volcano Waterslide too intimidating for your neighborhood? Take Cover! An explosion of hot molten Magma has erupted and formed a new 15ft Volcanic slide that is perfect for kids of all ages! No fear thou! The Magma has formed a refreshing splash pool at the bottom for a safe drenching plummet!

Prices: (all day long)
Rainforest Adventure
Surf the Wave
13ft Mini-Splash Waterslide

Tidal Wave 15' Waterslide
Magma Eruption 15' Waterslide
Tropical Beach 18' Waterslide
Pirate Ship 18' Waterslide

Volcano Waterslide w/ Pool
40ft Volcano Waterslide

57ft River Rapids
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